Webjam extend promotion

Social community host Webjam has extended their 'free, forever' offer on premium services.

This is one of those deals that put me off simply because I associate the wording with sales tactics I dislike. When I first checked out webjam I had until October the 30th to grab their premium services for free. It's now the 29th and the deadline has been extended to November 31st. Should you miss the deadline (if that's possible) then you'll have to pay £12.95 a month for the service.

Webjam is free. It lets you put together a social community. I'm actually using it as a handy place to aggregate RSS feeds and links - its my start page. With the premium services thrown in for free I've been able to map my collection of links and feeds to a domain name I wasn't using.

I can see why they may be interested to let the premium service offer roll and roll. It's all about gaining users to gain traffic (even links, I suppose). Webjam will only be really able to charge £13 a month (more than basic hosting packages) once they reach a critical mass.


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