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Google changes the SEO rules with a small nudge and a big signal

  I know it's rare for me to write about SEO and on this blog these days. However, it's also rare for Google to talk explicitly about how to improve your SEO rankings. How specific have they been? Down to the link.  In this case, it's a small nudge, an update on  product reviews , but it's a big signal. Google says people want choice. They often say this. They said that for the Florida update, which rolled out around this time of year back in an earlier era of SEO. Google also says; Include links to multiple sellers to give the reader the option to purchase from their merchant of choice. So, that's clear. One link is not the best practice. More than one link is. They also say; We are now rolling out a new update, the first major update since April, that may change how your product reviews rank in search results. That's also clear, right?  It's not just the link that's best practice. Content quality is also included in the update. It's as you would ex

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