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Hell is frosty: Google shares some affiliate marketing tips but skips on ethics

I'm thrilled  Google for Creators  is a thing. The search giant is trying hard to help people make the internet a better place. I'm surprised and still pleased that Google is even helping affiliate marketers. Just briefly, Google once owned an affiliate network, as mergers and acquisitions brought the platform with another deal. Google continues to dabble with CPA deals in Google Ads too. More typically, though, Google seems to be cautious about affiliate marketing and is wary of "thin pages". These are pages that offer no other value except to point people elsewhere. Google's job is to take people straight there, so it's easy to see why they wouldn't like that. First, look at the video Google and the smart  Christina Galbato  put together.  The trailer Google shared caught my attention.  It promised that Google would reveal the three best affiliate solutions.  What on Earth would Google recommend?  Who? Would it be Impact?  Would it be Awin?  The Goo

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