Smule get it right with blog comments and swift upgrade

Just the other day I grumped about American politics coming to my Smule sonic lighter. I was grumpy and didn't like the loss of the flame lighting functionality.

Really quickly, Jeffrey Smith from Smule popped onto my blog and left a comment. He got it right in one.
This is an excellent article. You raise several valid points. We're taking your input seriously. We're trying to find the right balance regarding personal expression (e.g. affiliations). And so your input and perspective is helpful to our process.

On the topic of the inability for the 1.2 release to ignite other phones, this is a bug (a complex one involving multi-threads). It was never our intent to disable this feature. We've fixed it in a 1.2.1 update which we submitted on Saturday, and hope to have available soon. We disclosed this issue in our update text and apologized to our users. And I agree with you -- this is a significant feature.

True to his word the 1.2.1 update seemed to fix things. In fact, I ended up caving in and playing with the coloured flames. It looked like Obama had a huge lead although the red/blue split is about 50/50 in the US. It's the rest of the world who votes blue.

It's always nice, as a blogger, to get direct communication like this.


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