Ian Kennedy leaves Yahoo

The voice of enthusiasm at MyBlogLog, Ian Kennedy is leaving Yahoo. He talks about some of the problems Yahoo faces and makes the interesting point about comScore not counting API calls as pageviews.
I enjoyed working with people who shared my passion to transform Yahoo into to a modern platform. It hasn’t been easy - opening up programmatic access to Yahoo is fraught with many built-in conflicts. Third party content licenses, traffic guarantees, and international legal constraints all make it difficult to let services flow completely free. It’s an industry-wide problem. Much of the way the advertising industry measures the impact of their online campaigns is rooted in the pageview metric which runs counter to providing the best of what you’ve got via an API call. For folks such as ComScore (who help advertisers evaluate rates) an API call doesn’t count as a pageview or roll up into a CPM so it’s a hard to argue letting people get at data without forcing them to come to a pageview to get it.

I like Ian's posts at Everwas so I'm staying subscribed. I wonder though; does anyone have any Yahoo bloggers worth following?


Anonymous said…
Thankfully quite a few of the Yahoo team have sites though most don't post religiously I personally have in my feed reader Robyn, Kent Brewster and Greg Cohn

Though I think I regularly visit another dozen, indeed I think their are more Yahoo developers blogging then Googlers (might be wrong)

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