Google's gadgets are the wrong size

I rushed to make use of the Gmail Labs feature which let me add Google Calendar gadgets to my inbox. Very handy.

Google Calendar gadgets are popping up everywhere now. In fact, I couldn't but help notice one on the Google Webmaster Central blog post about Dynamic and Static URLs (one of the oddest Google posts ever...).

Check out the bottom of the gadget though. Below where it says "Live online chat" and above "Gadgets powered by Google". There's just the hint of the tops of letters in another hyperlink.

The gadget isn't quite the right size. A link (or more) gets chopped. I'm using Firefox to view the page so to say I'm surprised that the gadget doesn't render perfectly is an understatement.

If you do click on the hint of the link then you'll be taken to your Google Calendar and asked whether or not you want to add their public calendar to your list.


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