Does adCenter Analytics insist you ban spiders from your site?

As I hope I underlined in my social media, affiliates and the law presentation at A4U Expo yesterday - I'm not a lawyer.

What do you make the highlighted snippet below, though, could this be summarised as 'adCenter Analytics doesn't want spiders on your site'?

Here's my concern. The T&Cs state that the service and the script are one and the same. The T&Cs insist that I do not let bots access the service (ie, access the script).

Now; let's avoid the 'Do bots read JS?' debate. They'll certainly notice the HTML elements of the script though. I know MSN are trying to stop me scraping the reports and reselling the data...

... but my concern is that large brands with anal legal departments will follow the letter of this contract and insist that we disallow bots from accessing any page where the script is present.


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