Google Reader needs de-duplication

There are two ways to share items in Google Reader. You can click the share button at the bottom of a post or you can use the share bookmark.

If you do both then you'll end up with two submissions to your shared items feed.

It's a fair question ask; "Why would you share a single item twice?".

It can happen by accident, of course, it's all too possible that you'll end up on an actual blog page (perhaps following a link from Sphinn or Mixx) and decide to share it. Later on, back in your Reader, you rediscover the same post, notice that it hasn't been shared (or doesn't seem to have been shared) and press the Reader share button.

I use my share button a lot; it feeds Facebook, Friendfeed, MyBlogLog and as well as some internal bigmouthmedia news networking. Sometimes I'm keen to get a blog post shared quickly, so rather than waiting for Google Reader to update, I'll use the bookmarklet on the post itself.


Anonymous said…
Yes, you are correct, that would be nice!
sudopeople said…
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sudopeople said…
This isn't that big of a deal but it would be a "nice to have" type of feature. I thought this article was going to describe what to me is a really annoying lack of a feature...

Where the Reader team really needs to de-dupe items is when you have friends sharing to friends sharing to friends. Most of the people that I follow, in turn, happen to follow my "Shared Items". So, when I share something that a friend has shared, he sees his share a second time.

Reader used to de-dupe items when I already subscribe to a feed that a friend has shared an item from. Which ever one was read first was the one you saw (sounds obvious, but I can't think of a better way to describe it). I don't know why they removed that functionality.

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