Blogger Follow messes with Google Reader

A non digital marketing pal started used Blogger's new Follow feature to follow my blog. I thought I'd give it a go - it was very easy to set up, in particular you could simply import blogs from your Google Reader and easily make them as followed blogs.

Here's my beef with it - despite knowing I'd imported blogs from Google Reader the damn system still re-adds all those blogs as duplicates to my Google Reader.

The feature seems entirely redundant to me.

There's supposed to be a way to turn this off. You can use the Google Reader settings option to disable this.

It simply does not work, though. Despite de-selecting "Show followed blogs from Blogger" Google Reader still shows them.

Worse of all is the impact on Mobile Google Reader where (inconsistently) I'll have to surf through multiple headlines.


Jordyn Carnell said…
i HATE this "feature".. My only work around has been to create folders in Google Reader where I tuck my duplicate blogs.. and ignore that folder.

Anyone find a better solution?
Unknown said…
old tip, but usefull for a newcomer reader user. Thanks (I hated this feature too grrr)

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