SMX London, day 1, write up

After attending the Google Keynote Speech I found myself talking to Gillian Muessing the president of SEOMoz. We decided to try and save the Local Search Tactics session from the advanced track which had been canceled at the last minute (no fault to SMX, either). I agreed to step in and follow my talk on Social Media Optimisation in Europe with a talk on Local Search.

I kid you not. No joke. Not yanking your chain. I've been asked to post the slide I used to talk about a conversation from SESs speaker room last year.

There's something of an unspoken rule 'What's said in the speaker room - stays in the speaker room'. I don't think I broke that. I didn't give details. However, it was a real story of an SEO trying to get his British client listed in Google UK.

As I had to put this presentation together in just a few hours I missed the global stats session. Alas! Other bigmouths, however, where at hand to take notes.

The one note I scribbed down from the What's New With The Algorithm track (which didn't really talk about the algorithm) was a comment from Mikkel deMib Svendsen. He said;
Google does need to deal with the paid link problem. I don't think they'll succeed.

I'm looking forward to day 2!

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