Facebook Fakers

Dear Facebook user,
You don't actually work for us. What's with listing bigmouthmedia as your employer?

I'm not sure what to make with discoveries like this? Do we contact the person? Do we leave it alone? Maybe she does work for us - perhaps the cleaning agency have hired someone new... but that seems unlikely! Perhaps she's a freelancing caterer that we know only as Liz? Does it matter anyway?


Anonymous said…
Hi Andrew,

I think you should call them on it if you're absolutely sure it's fake. I would.

George Drumer
European SEO Manager
Global Media '98 to'04
Anonymous said…
It's certainly a dilema. In this example it seems prety harmless but how far does it go if she starts friending people and pretending to work for you.

I sometimes wonder if we are all too trusting of the information available in sites like facebook as it's not hard to set up a profile of someone else and impersonate them too. Not that I'm recommending that!

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