SMX London, Day 1, Google Keynote Speech

Ah. I've only just got access to internet - here are my quickly typed notes from SMX London, Day One.

Great event. Here's how it's different from SES
  • Less 'clients'
  • Less advertising
  • Higher knowledge
  • Cleaner, neater, more organised (I think Rising Media have done well)
The keynote speech was done by Google's CP of Products, EMEA (that's Europe, Middle East and Africa).
  • We're going to see more from Google Trends - development is largely driven by Tel Aviv
  • Images and Maps have been widely pushed out into Universal Search. Google started rolling Universal Search out across the regions.
  • Book Search outranks Blog Search - we'll see Book Search in Universal Search first* - *This is due, I think, to authority of author
  • Google changed some elements of openSocial after they got to see some of the aspects of Facebook's API
  • Google is keen to stress that the privacy issue of openSocial is not theirs. Data does not pass through Google. It's up to the widget creators to adhere to the privacy policy of the different containers/
  • Google Europe would like a standard privacy policy to exist on the web
  • What you once knew as a website is now a container.
  • There are some hints that openSocial could be used as a platform to a 'Universal log in' - Google didn't say this, this was me reading between two heavily drawn lines.
  • Android is primarily a way to give mobile users better access to the internet
  • Less than 1% of internet content is in Arabic. Google sees an opportunity here.
  • Google has invested hugely in Russian projects but not advertising.


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