SMX London

Needless to say I'm annoyed at missing A4U/SES this year. I had a good excuse - I was in hospital! Fortunately, Phil was able to cover for me (even if he did take the picture of the dinosaur out of my presentation!).

As a result of missing A4U/SES I'm super pumped about SMX in London this week. I'll be there for the whole event. I'm even in the main hotel. There are a bunch of us going down but I'm keen to turn blog friends into people I've met in real life. Now, I need to buckle down, stop messing with Search Engine Land and email the poor organizers my ten minute talk (it's a challenge for any bigmouth to only talk for 10 minutes!).

If you're going and fancy meeting up; let me know!


360innovate said…
Get some good phoros posted up Andrew, esp those that have had a few too many.

Enjoy the show.

Mr Daz said…
It was a good presentation at the A4U Expo, shame the Dinosaur gag was taken out. I imagine it was the gag from Airplane? "Start from the beginning... Well, first the Dinosaurs came".
Andrew Girdwood said…
That was the gag! :) For SMX I have partial nudity. No, really!

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