Naymz - good first impression

Following on from an usually stellar post from Andy Beal on reputation management I signed up to Naymz.

The site's made a good first impression on me. Okay, I don't like sites that ask for your contact address book but there are always exceptions which prove the rule (like LinkedIn).

I like the fact that Naymz rewards you for filling in details. I scored points for linking to my blog and even for linking to my LinkedIn profile.

It's clear how Naymz works on your reputation. It seems willing to put PPC ads up for your name (not something I want it to do!) and it uses tags a lot. The tagging, I'm sure, is designed just for the search engines. As I've put bigmouthmedia in my profile Naymz created a bigmouthmedia tag search page.

My favourite aspect of Naymz is how it acts as an RSS collector for you.

The clever thing about Naymz is that is rewards me for helping it. I get RepPoints for giving it spider food.

Here's the link to my Naymz profile.


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