World of Search on Flickr (update)

The first World of Search on Flickr did very well. This is thanks to Andy Beal who not only picked the post up, but called it for the sly linkbait it was :) Did the post generate a lot of links? Eh. Well. No. But! It did move this only-recently-kick-started blog up a peg on the awareness ladder.

A number of SEOers have been added to the list. Here's who's new:
Google Analytics, which I like a lot, proves that some SEOrs visited the site. I use the "Network Location" option (In Visitor Segment Performance) to see if any one "big and interesting" visited. I say "big" because you need to be more on the M side of the SME in order to have a network name for yourself. SEO consultants tend not to need a whole network of computers.

I can see that I had a visitor from Bruce Clay LLC. That doesn't necessarily mean it was Lisa Barone but that's not a silly guess. Also - and how cool is this - a visitor from Apple too. Here's the full list:
  • Microsoft Corp

  • Reprise Media LLC

  • Kinetic Results

  • Apple Computer

  • i-level Ltd

  • Bruce Clay LLC

  • Yahoo Europe Operations

The screen shot is added as evidence. How come the Google Analytics list just shows these visitors and no one else? That's because the filter option supports the | or character.

Apple will probably leave "Apple Computer" footprints on the web for a while despite their re-name to "Apple Inc".


Anonymous said…
I'm glad you got some traffic from the post. It was a fresh idea and worth mentioning. All the best.
Anonymous said…

I used the post to add connections to my Flickr account. I'll bet your trafic happened on your flickr profile...but that's just a guess.

As a result though, I did add your feed to my reader so I'll be watching you from Texas!

Thanks for the list. :-)

-giovanni gallucci
Andrew Girdwood said…
Thanks Giovanni,

I have custom Google Analytics code on the links and did see a lot of click throughs to Flickr.

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