Flickr pushes "Search by Camera" harder

I really like Flickr. I do. I can hold my hands up and admit all the blame for my agency's Flickr account. It was that important to me that we had a presence there.

I'm a little wary of Flickr's Search by Camera feature. Right now it spends a lot of time in bed with Nikon. It is an advert. Yahoo says so but in light grey on white.

Yahoo have added a Search by Camera call to action on to their flickr search pages.

Yahoo can do this if they want. It's their site. I think it was a wise choice to do so.

It may be worth reflecting just how much Nikon's D80 has with the site right now. Flickr's own stats don't say anything for the Nikon D80. Canon dominate the most common type of camera, the Point and Shoot. In fact, Nikon aren't even on the radar.

In the overall league, Canon have the run-away lead again and the D80 isn't anywhere.

There you go. The news here is that Yahoo is pushing the Search by Camera feature a little harder not that they're doing adverts in a semi-sly way.

I'm reminded of the onebox verus advert debate which ensured Google ended 2006 with a thump. I think Danny Sullivan had it right when, in his fury post, he said:
I really dislike other companies getting free passes when Google is held up to higher standards.

Phil Bradley described Google's tactic as the search engine admitting that they're failing. I don't think Yahoo are failing here. That's not the news. The news here isn't that Yahoo is taking money for a semi-sly advert. The news here is that Yahoo has added an extra search feature.

So Yahoo can run these semi-sly adverts in a way that Google couldn't. I very much doubt any other blog will post on this. If Google slapped a Nikon D80 up on Picas Web Albums then we'd all hear it. I dare say Blake Ross would walk and the forums would buzz for weeks.

Yahoo should exploit this. Why? They can. That's why. It'll make them money.

I think Google are in the mess because, in the past, they've painted themselves whiter than white. It's impossible to be whiter than white. It's a bit like a football coach asking for %110. Quack, quack, oops! It can't happen. Google have done well to move, slowly, away from the "Do no evil". Yahoo are doing well to team up with Nikon and sell more D80s!


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