Reddit gets a fashionable baby sister

One of my favourite social news sites Reddit is due to get another fashion conscious sister. will be born on the 8th of March. That's the same day as Glamour relaunches. Glamour is the elder sister at the mighty age of 5.

Wondering about those family relations? We have this genealogy because Condé Nast bought Reddit back in October last year. I suspect many techie SEOers will never have heard of Condé Nast. They own a truck load of magazines. They own Wired. I suspect all techie SEOers will have heard of Wired.

I think Reddit have done well. Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian told Michael Arrington that as far back as 2005 they had raised $100k. Condé Nast clearly keeps the web firmly in mind when planning expansions and marketing activity. Nikki Preston from noted;
The campaign includes placing advertisements on bus panels servicing Manchester and London, ensuring that the brand is well covered by Google’s and Yahoo!’s search engines, putting advertisements in Glamour, and emailing its existing database of 500,0000 readers.

So and Condé Nast are thinking PPC at least and are hopefully in the position to launch an organic search friendly site. Judging by the name (and this is a complete guess) Stylefinder does have that "social search" vibe to it. Find something interesting on the online magazine - and show your friends.

Even if Stylefinder are social search/social media naive Reddit are still safely part of a web savvy family. Digg is still fishing around for concrete support, probably a buyer, while the speculation that their bubble will burst seems to ebb and flow through the world of blogger speculation.


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