Lycos down

Yowzah. Looks like is down and they've taken Tripod with them.

I'm not a networking expert but this smells like a DNS issue (Tripod's now merely a sub-domain of

The site is up and running.

Update: It's 00:45am GMT and is back up.

Computer World has more details. An outage at Savvis, a hosting provider, described as a cascade of failures was to blame.


Anonymous said…
I'm worried about it too. I have a pro account so I cannot 1) access my own website or 2) read my website email. I'm just hoping this is a little bug and that none of my pages will have disappeared. I probably have over 50 pages in the website.
Andrew Girdwood said…
I think it's a bad time of year for it too - some poor server room tech may be fighting with an annoying DNS proxy or load balancer and a New Year party headache!

Well - the more news sites that pick up on it the quick Lycos will be to sort the problem. Let's hope The Register covers it!
Anonymous said…
This is poor timing, i just launched a new advertising campaign based on new years resolutions and now my site is down.

Lets hope this one is fixed quick.
Anonymous said…
This is so bad. It's been 7 hours now. I have a website hosted by and I rely on it for my income. As someone already said, we can't access anything - site, help, domain email. Nada! I was actually online updating my site when it happened. Never thought 7 hours later I'd still be waiting. I'm really surpised it's not reached news sources yet. Must be a biggie to take down the whole freakin' network!

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