JotSpot getting closer to relaunch?

I'm one of the many people who are now hovering around JotSpot in anticipation that it'll open its doors to the public again. Google bought the wiki-plus company and I'm keen to try it out.

Last night, the JotBlog updated to say that all current JotSpots would be updating to v2.9 automatically in the next two weeks. Sadly, this isn't the Google update. This is the last update before they move over to Google's servers. Once that's done then, I assume, the doors will open.

This was a good acquisition by Google. I think Yahoo Groups is significantly better than Google Groups on all aspects of "community". Google Groups is good enough as a mailing list but I want more. I want a way to store, sort and display information online. The wiki way is exactly what I need.

I've some experience of WetPaint where friends and I keep a wiki for a monthly RPG I play in and I've found that it works well. It's just I don't like the AdSense all over the place. I know the AdSense must make some money for WetPaint because they've just finished a funding round and totted up about $4 million. I do like the update summary emails from WetPaint though.

It's ironic that Google's AdSense on WetPaint puts me off to the point that I'm looking forward to a rival wiki from Google opening up. Google are making money from WetPaint and WetPaint are pushing me towards JotSpot. I suspect JotSpot will be like Blogger. You can have AdSense if you want. You can leave the AdSense if you want.


Kevin said…
Hi! Glad to hear that you've enjoyed using Wetpaint. I wanted to check in on the AdSense issue you mentioned. We totally understand that the advertising on Wetpaint sites can't detract from your overall experience. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how Wetpaint might be better able to balance our free service with the ads that help us pay the bills. How could we make it better? Are there any sites out there that you think handle this balance well? Thanks again for your comments and I appreciate your consideration. Feel free to reply directly to my email at


JC said…
Check your URL to wetpaint.

Andrew Girdwood said…
Thanks for the catch JC. I've added in that pesky .com!

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