Horrendous code errors on Halifax Online

I logged into my main bank account for the weekly chore of bill paying. It broke. It broke through no code reason - they simply got the URLs to the account pages wrong. Badly wrong. Embarrassingly wrong.

See that? It's a rookie HTML error. It's just lazy coding. It's not just the credit card effected but all my accounts with them.

I just don't understand how a bank could make a howler like this. What about testing? They should have tested any changes for days. They would have paid big bucks for the change and for the test. Different departments would have been involved.

I phoned in to report the error. I had to let the woman go through her list of questions even though I could see what the error is. No one else had mentioned it to them - although, as she pointed out, the tip offs could have gone to different operators.

File this one under; What not to do in an online banking operation.


Anonymous said…
It's 'affected' not 'effected'.

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