Evony - now with more sex

The latest Evony ads look as if they’ve come straight out of the midnight dating sex ads. We’ve a buxom girl with come-hither eyes. Sure, she’s a fantasy girl but nothing about her suggests medieval fantasy in the Tolkien style as the other ads have.

This is actually an ad for the Evony strategy game of resource management and waiting. If you peer closely into the top left corner (away from the direction the fantasy boobies are pointing) you’ll be just about able to make the logo out.

The ad does not resemble game play.

And the call to action? Play – unnoticeable now. For the last few weeks Evony has been pushing their ability to hide the game quickly should you be playing it at school or college when you’re not supposed to be.

I've written about Civony/Evony many times before and I’m still fascinated by the aggressive tactics of the company. It’s their fault for pressing both my digital marketing button and my gamer button.

We can see that Evony took a bit of a fall in June but it’s picked up again in July (although there’s the suggestion of a plateau beginning to form).

We can also see that Singapore is still at the top of the player charts but that Europe. Russia, India and even parts of Africa are beginning to succumb. The entirely of South America now lights up on the search volume index and that was entirely blank at our last check.

Hat tip to theweirdone for the ad spot.

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