I’m worried about Google’s Webmaster product poll

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Google opened up a Moderator powered public vote for what the Webmaster Central team could do to help webmasters. This is the team who supports the Webmaster Tool section and products like the Webmaster Console.

There are loads of changes that I think Google could make to make the GWC better and a few I think they’d actually do.

I’m just not confident that the crowd will vote for them though. Why not? The crowd doesn’t seem to understand what they’re being asked to vote on.

Here’s some real suggestions to Google on how the Webmaster Console could be made better.

"Create one account, where all adsense revenue can go and be used as part of our adwords budget. Helps us re-use the cash for our own advertising. Good for Google also as there might be fewer payments."

"GOOGLE the greatest search engine ever created! And Yet....I cannot navigate back to google's home page from my gmail or many other pages within the google environment. Every single page should have this link. We don't all have a google tool bar."

"If Google could add a thesaurus and synonyms tool to gmail, that would be easier than having to resource to other product and step outside my email to get the right word."

"books.google.com needs a bookmark function!"

"I have a domain hosted with Google. I want to be able to add my company's logo and contact info as a picture to my email signature. This is something that is available in MS and Yahoo products :("

"make google adsense ads code safe, no one copy the ads code. if something put adsense code to other site . then account is block .. please work on this issue."

My concern is that these people – and more like them – are voting for what they want and yet they clearly don’t understand the question. Are these people voting against improvements to the Webmaster Console and tool set because they want changes made to Gmail or AdSense?

There’s more. It looks like there are suggestions from people who don’t even seem to know how to use the tools. Let’s look at this one:
"Let Webmasters know whether any of their domains is being punished for violating guidelines, but do not tell why to avoid helping spammers"

I’m not the only one concerned. I found this ‘Webmaster Console’ suggestion among the list of ideas from John in Rochester, MN.
"When someone submits an idea for gmail, maps, analytics, adsense, adwords or any other nonsense in the Product Ideas for Webmaster Central everyone should flag it as inappropriate."

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