The poor state of UK search today

I hate to say it but the UK search engines are an a truly terrible state today.

Unfortunately huge amounts of rubbish also get...Image via Wikipedia

We don't have Bing. We have a Live Search with Powerset hybrid. It's beta and significantly behind Bing US.

Yahoo's vital Site Explorer has been malfunctioning for the last few days. Key search commands like site: simply don't work any more.

The results are a mess. They're full of international results; America, Australian and New Zealand pages.

The Google situation is perhaps the most alarming. It's been going on for a long time now - far longer than the trackback flood that predated the Flordia update. The trackback flood was the last time I've seen it this bad.

One concern with the results today is that perhaps Google doesn't see them as bad results. Could it be that they're using for American results and for "international English"?

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