easyJet forgets "flights to London" in latest business flyer promotion

In a viral ad for easyJet called "Keep everyone happy" or "Keep the financial director happy" (seems it lost a bit of focus even on the name) there is no flight to London option - not even Luton.

You can probably just make out in this graphic that there's no London option. You're supposed to be able to work out how much money EasyJet will save you (and make your FD dance). Not me. I fly to London at least once a week but there's no dancing FD for me.

Why not? I'm in two minds as why this happened.

1) The ad agency behind this is so London focused that they forgot it is possible to fly to London (rather than just from London).

2) easyJet didn't actually want to focus on the flight to London possibility. A quick check at British Airways tells me I can fly to Heathrow in September for £35 all in. EasyJet will cost £28 for Gatwick and that excludes credit card charges, insurance and bags. BA is actually cheaper and flies to a more convenient airport.

From an SEO point of view its worth looking at the code at http://www.keepthefdhappy.com/. There's a paragraph of text that's shown to users without Flash.

These days if the text represents the Flash then Google's not likely to call it spam. How well do you think easyJet do there?

Perhaps the area of the most concern are the links. There are many links back to the main easyJet site and a link to their sitemap section that's not a link users can find or follow in the Flash.

I'm not calling the SEO one way or another (I help British Airways with their SEO so I've a declared interest) but I am annoyed that the orange airline may have forgotten it is possible for business people to be outside of London!

What do you think?

P.S. The domain is registered by Domain Discreet - just to make things interesting!


EasyJet picked this post up via Twitter and looked into the issue. They had intended the site only to target Londoners in the first place.

They've now flicked the switch on the geographic targeting of their banners to try and just promote the site to the audience who cares.

I think this is a pretty swift response by easyJet though I don't understand why London wasn't simply added to the site in the first place. Surely that would make more sense?

I'm also curious to know why easyJet works with Domain Discreet - or does their agency actually own the URL? Ooo.

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