Google puts Korean Air ad into Tiananmen square and Twitter controversy

Looks like China's blocked Twitter as we approach the anniversary of Tiananmen Square. This means there's going to be an awful lot of blog posts about it; everyone from human rights to tech blog will be interested.

I saw the news first via Mike Butcher TechCrunch UK article that I read via Google Reader. TechCrunch UK sometimes uses AdSense for Feeds to monitise their RSS.

At the end of the article (which contains swearing - I know some sensitive souls read this blog) Korean Air is unlucky enough to have an ad placed.

This probably isn't a case of bad geographic targeting as Korean Air does fly from Europe to China (or China / Mongolia as their dropdown offers) but I really doubt the airline fancies the brand association.

Tip of the week: incoming negative keyword "Tiananmen".

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