Ask banking on French zombies and Google traffic

Some of my weekend was dedicated to battling zombies. I'm sure you understand it's a critical part of my job. This battle required some coordination over Gmail. What caught my eye was the AdWord from Ask France.

This is a geo-targeting error. An oddly bad one at that. It doesn't even reflect well on Google as there's a chance these UK visits to Ask France will click on the French Google ads on Ask.

I did notice the sub-domain for 'Left4Dead'. Ask really is targeting this computer (it has had a very high search frequency due to the sequel) . This is just a displayurl sub-domain, though, the actual ad clicks through to as the destinatinon URL.

I'm not sure of the logic here at all. Yes; it's a search term/content term that generates traffic but does Ask really think people will interrupt a Google search to get more information on a game. Ask aren't selling the game.

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