Grr! Misconstrued Comments! :(

I'm a little annoyed by this - even though I know it may be an over reaction.

Over the weekend (I assume) someone set up a blog to publicly out a large UK finance web site for buying an awful lot of links. This is old news to the UK SEO community.

The single page blog was quickly picked up by a member of the UK SEO community and posted to Sphinn. It went hot quickly and currently has over 50 sphinns and 20 comments.

There are loads of comments on the original blog post too. One of the comments comes from "Big mouth".

Either by accident or by design that name "Big mouth" could quite easily be interpreted as coming from bigmouthmedia or someone in bigmouthmedia.

It hasn't. It didn't.

I've emailed around the whole of the UK, the US and much of France and Germany! I've spoken to all sorts of people in our finance vertical and SEO department (heck; even the PPC department) and no current employee made that comment.

That comment would be against our blogs, forums and networking guidelines. We like to encourage people to read and take part in the Search Community but no one is allowed to represent the company without permission. No one gets permission for that sort of comment! In fact, let me repeat the big warning on the side of this blog - this is a personal blog, my comments here don't reflect the views of my employers.

So, what do you think? Am I over reacting? We don't claim to own the concept of "big mouth" - I mean, that's pretty generic. Do you think someone within bigmouthmedia couldn't resist the temptation to get their two pence in? (But why brand it; badly with a space between 'big' and 'mouth'?). Was it a competitor?

Or just I just go a vent some frustration by trying to play Guitar Hero on Medium level again?


NorthSouthMedia said…
Andrew, I understand brand management to Big Mouth is essential but you may be trying to hold back the waves on that one.

Just don't stoke the fires, if they sense your edgy about this it may be become a common occurence (sp) by others who perhaps know less than the original poster.

I had seen the post but never made the connection first time until I came across your blog post.

Just my 2 pence worth.

Paul :)
Anonymous said…
I am a bit embarrassed as that post links to mine about OF - that article wasn't an attack on the agency in charge of that seo or it wasn't meant to be any road - it was me spotting an opportunity Google made obvious and showing off.

I was wondering why I was getting traffic there.....

Regarding false comments, yeah I have had a couple of those. I just contacted the blog owner and said it wasnt us - only I use the company URL in blog comments or people get a doin - thats the rule.

The comment by Big Mouth surprised me actually - it stuck out a mile as I would have been surprised if it came from you.

Maybe it was Morrissey. :)


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