Kevin Fox leaves Google

Leaving Google is different than any other job I've left. Joining Google in 2003, it was the first time I took a job without knowing at the outset the reason I'd eventually leave the job (even if my employer didn't), and so it's strange to have found success there and yet feel a need for greater fulfillment sufficient to pull you away from what's generally recognized as the best workplace in America. It's even stranger that Google is the first place I've ever worked where I feel that I'm part of the company as opposed to working for the company.

Thoughtful comments from Kevin on his last day at, as he says, the Big G.

Kevin is a user experience designer behind Gmail, Google Calendar and the redesign that was Google Reader 2.0. These are all fantastic applications and I think the change from Google Reader 1.0 to Google Reader 2.0 is particularly noticeable and illustrates just how good Fox is. He's off to join a small start up like so many other ex-Googlers.


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