No SMX London in 2008

I've an internal meeting next week to sort through which conferences, expos and shows we're most likely to go to. I'm putting together a spreadsheet to try and sort them into 'sales conferences', 'networking conferences', 'geek conferences' etc. I don't have to - I just figure the more organised I seem to be then the more likely I'll be to make sure that it's myself who gets to go!

Anyway, I'm here on the Search Marketing Expo 2008 page and dimly noticed that there doesn't seem to be an SMX London for 2008. We've got SMX Munich (great news for bigmouthmedia Germany! - lucky people) and SMX Sydney instead (ooh, I'll have to plot some clever reason why I have to go).

This will be interesting as we do have a Search Engine Strategies London this year. In fact, it's only a few weeks away.

I'll have to find a big conference towards the end of '08 to look forward too!

Update: Danny commented below to say that there will be an SMX London in '08. Phew.

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