Kevin Fox moves to FriendFeed

Back on Friday I posted that Kevin Fox was leaving Google. I didn't expect so many other blogs to carry - to shout - the news. This isn't a "me too" news blog.

Kevin didn't expect it either. Kevin did the really cool thing and blogged about this, he noted some of the bigger blogs and what he thought about their posts. In fact, in an ultra cool move he acknowledged what VuNet said about moving to a more open company but then not saying where he was going! He also bent over backwards to stress that Google would be fine without him. I'm sure Google will cope but he's clearly someone that they'll miss.

Kevin has moved to FriendFeed and was introduced by a blog post. What a big deal for FriendFeed, huh? I bet their user base is currently soaring!

This isn't a 'me too' news blog but I bet I'm not the only one to blog about this!
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