An attempt to trademark the word "seo"

I'm about to fly off to our office in Munich but a blackberry scan picked out an interesting email that I've not had time to fully investigate.

What do you do when you don't have time to investigate something as thoroughly as you need to? You blog about it! Okay... that sounds crazy, but that's what I'm doing anyway.

This email alerts me to the fact that a UK company is trying to trademark the word "seo". Actually, they're trying to trademark the phrase "se,o" but the emailer is concerned that the styling is so subtle that the danger is it will apply to standard fonts and therefore the standard phrase.

Here's the link to the trademark request.

The email says there is only until the 30th of August to protest.

What do you think? A legitimate email? A legitimate concern?


Anonymous said…
Maybe it's different in the UK, but I don't think you can trademark "common words" in the US. Of course, I am not a lawyer and I also know that in the US you can commit a crime and if you have enough money, you can pay a lawyer enough to where he will convince you that you are innocent. I am not going to "O" name and names "J".

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