SEO in Scotland

Yep. That's right. I'm from Scotland and live in Scotland. In fact, I've just bought my first wee flat down near Edinburgh's Shore district.

It takes me about an hour to fly down to London. I do this once or twice a week. That's not bad for a commute at all. I was talking to a Google Manager today who takes an hour every morning to reach her desk in Google's Manchester office.

In today's marketing world distance really isn't an issue. We have email. We have phone and internet conferences. Oh, we certainly have voip and Skype too. I find communicating and meeting with clients based in London and even New York is easy.

One thing to note about Scotland is how strong it is for SEO. There are quite a few agencies, blogs and names worth noting. If we had an SEO World Cup - then Scotland would do very well.

I particularly enjoy keeping an eye on Scottish SEO blogs. It's pleasing to see that we ride the curve. Two in particular, Paul Steven and his North South Media blog and Shaun Anderson's Hobo SEO blog keep my attention. In fact, the battle for 'Scottish SEO' terms is so fierce among the locals that Paul keeps tally of how well people are doing.

The other thing to note about Scotland is that we have our own notes. We use Pound Sterling like the English, Northern Irish and Welsh but print our own folding money. It's perfectly legal to spend it in England... just be prepared to battle with London taxi drivers!

While I'm on the subject of SEO hubs in the UK I'd have to mention Brighton of course. There's an unusual collection of good (some not so good!) SEO firms and bloggers down there too.


NorthSouthMedia said…
SEO World Cup sounds like a starter, Andrew, although I suddenly have visions of Ally McLeod, Andy Cameron singing, World Cup posters, mugs and rugs...aaargghh its a nighmare but wee Archie bends not once, not twice but thrice and sends a Nurofen induced calm over our wee nation...

Aye, SEO World Cup sounds like a starter...
Anonymous said…
Yep, Scotland is a great place to be!

My preferred trick is saving up pound notes until I get down south and then really getting confused looks when you try to use them.
mercurythread said…
Pound Notes in England! They certainly wont take them on the tube - they look at you like you're a nutter.

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