Paid link, again

Thank you! I was beginning to worry that I was the only one.

When I hear arguments for paid links they are always about “what’s fair” or “what Google should do”. None of them seem to admit or take on board what Google is *actually doing*

Can you imagine trying to defend link buying in a year. Can you imagine saying, “Sure, I knew Google was against [it], I didn’t think it was fair so I kept on doing it?” That’s crazy to me. It’s twice as crazy as Google is also telling us to concentrate on content. Spend the money on content.

That was my comment to John Andrew's write up of Search Engine Strategies with Matt Cutts. It was a cathartic comment to write. It's a good blog to read.

Hat tip to Lyndon of Cornwall SEO and Sphinn for the find. Watch Lyndon's post at Sphinn. He has a knack for finding the good ones.


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