Are Civony ad tactics working?

Civony's most risque ad seems to disappeared but many people are still aware of just how often ads for the game are appearing.

Google Insight shows the search surge.

It's perhaps not surprising to see that [what is civony] and [civony wikipedia] are two of the leading breakout terms as people turn to Google to research the game.

Care to guess which parts of the world are most interested in the game? The United States just makes the top 10. It's actually Singapore and its strong online game culture that dominates.

It certainly shows it is possible to use a search campaign to create a buzz. If you can use search to create a buzz then you can use search to create a band.

Civony, it looks like, is a site which creates a lot of discussion. A quick hunt around (and I've still not signed up for the game and am unlikely to) seems to suggest many people with many concerns. It also seems likely the game has reached the momentum it needed to be successful. Let's see how long they keep the ad blitz up for.

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