Google is a browser, says BBC expert

This morning on the BBC breakfast news they had a business feature on Google's growth report from yesterday and the on-going issues around behavioural targeting and privacy.

For this feature they had Chris Watson from the legal firm CMS Cameron Mckenna.

Now, this is the BBC breakfast spot, it's early morning, the bright lights are on and millions of people are watching you. It must be very easy to make a mistake and say something you didn't mean to say.

I suspect that's what happened to Mr Watson. In the first half of the interview he suggested that if a user didn't like Google they could "close the browser and use a different one".

Oh dear.

I was immediately reminded of Google Operating System's post highlighting questions from the Chrome help forum. Questions like; "If I change from Outlook Express to Chrome browser does my E Mail address have to be changed to a G Mail address?"

By the way, this Chris Watson happens to be the dad of a rather famous Emma Watson. The actress who plays Hermione in the Harry Potter movies.

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