Are the Civony ads the most risque ones on Google's ad network?

I've been targeted with ads for an online roleplaying game in my RSS feeds from sites like TechCrunch. It's good targeting. I'm a gamer. I'm just too busy to investigate Civony.

I noticed the first set of ads as they featured the warm smile of the lovely lady of their landing page. Its a tried and tested tactic - the game isn't just about expanding your empire, it's about keeping your sexy queen happy and safe.

The next set of image ads for the game featured a new leading lady and a rather lot more flesh.

I've no problem with the ads. As a gamer I'm keen to see more wide appeal ads promoting games too.

I'm just a little surprised Google approved them. Their guidelines say;
Ads are reviewed and categorised as 'FamilySafe', 'Non-FamilySafe' or 'Adult Sexual Content' depending on the content of the ad and website. Only 'FamilySafe' images (containing no adult content) will be approved.
And later on;

Your images may not contain:

  • Any material intended for persons over 18.
  • Mature sexual themes, nudity and/or sexual activity.
What do you think? Is Google less prudish than I think? I'm bias by my liberal European views. What do conservative Americans think of the ad?

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