Joost facts you might not know

All this year I've attended marketing, search and digital conferences when one of the speakers tells the audience that the way they pronouce 'Joost' is wrong. Sure, it doesn't happen at every conference but perhaps one in three (and it's happened in %100 of IAB talks). but I've often wondered which of the alternative pronunciations was right!

Today I listened to Eric Clemanceau from Joost. He's the Senior VP of Sales and aught to know how it's pronounced. Eric did the brave thing and simply had a live display of Joost running in the background for his presentation. You could tell how impressed the audience was (which reassured me because, I think, they should have been well familiar with Joost by now).

It's pronounced as you would expect; Joo-st (or juice-st, if you want). Eric didn't once pronounce it as Yo-st.

Eric Clemanceau predicted much better demographic targeting from the platform. Joost knows, after all, what sort of programs you watch and it doesn't take much for them to ask for more personal details like age and gender.

Joost left private invite on the 1st of October and have seen an 80% growth in UK traffic as a result.

As a whole, Europe accounts for %40 of all their traffic.

[This post is one of my Engage 07 series!]


Mobile Media said…
Im at really sure either lol, I have it pronounced in many ways. I really think it sounds better as joo-st

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