Mobile Marketing figures that you might not know

I'm just back from the Internet Advertising Bureau (UK)'s Engage conference. I thought I would share some stats. These come from Matthew Kirk, Orange's Director of Portals. The fine print of his slides may have cited additional third party sources but his name will do for now and, if you're a member, you should be able to download the original from the IAB.

Much to the audience's dismay - Display will be bigger than Search in mobile marketing in 2010. Nevertheless, the figures here are all huge. Skip to the end and look at the in-game figure. Sure, that's the smallest (there are smaller still but I didn't scribble them down) but it's worth noting that Microsoft where plugging their Massive in-game advertising solution to us today. Massive is, of course, the in-game advertising company they bought to rival Google's purchase of AdScape.

Here are the exact figures for mobile marketing in 2010;
Display - £88,000,000
Search - £51,000,000
TV Broadcast - £23,000,000
SMS - £7,000,000
VoD - £7,000,000
In Game - £4,000,000

What about a breakdown by age? Glad you asked.

The figure for that graph;
Under 24 - 29%
25-34 - 30%
35-44 - 22%
45-54 - 11%
54+ - 8%

Twice as many men as women use mobile internet. That's not surprising. I found Orange's frankness surprising, though. Kirk was upfront in saying that mobile growth had slowed to only 5% (49m out of the UK's population of 60m have mobiles) and so the networks need mobile marketing as a revenue stream.

P.S. I may make a series of posts like this and if I do I'll tag them all Engage 07.


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