Words of Wisdom from IT...

I'm breaking all the rules here. I'm going to blog a snippet of an internal email. This was sent out by our Head of IT (UK) to the rest of us regarding our new laptop booking process.
  1. If I find a laptop taken and no card left I will be extremely annoyed and will randomly start deleting files to punish you all. So don't !
  2. Bring a latop AND THE POWER SUPPLY AND BAG/SLEEVE back in a timely manner; lets be nice to each other, people! Remeber: a laptop with out a power supply is like a pencil without a pencil sharpner - pointless.
  3. Please ALWAYs use a proper laptop bag (either your own or one of ours). We've had too many laptops damaged recently.
  4. Don't put laptops in the plane hold, always carry them on. Baggage handlers live to destroy laptops. It's their only goal in life.
  5. If you pass a laptop directly on to someone else, make sure that card on the shelf gets changed by one of you so we know they have it, not you...
Any baggage handlers care to comment (I'm sure we've an ex-baggage handler on our staff list!)


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