Facebook facts you might not know

I've been lucky enough to enjoy a presentation of the new Facebook Ads by Owen Van Natta who is Facebook's COO. (btw; isn't Van Natta the best surname ever!)

I'm not going to blog my thoughts about the new Social Ads! Ha! Sorry. That analysis goes straight to work, I'm afraid! Well... maybe a little. Beacon looks interesting and I suspect we start to see some other social sites (even forums) start adding Beacon enhanced events (such as starting a thread) and eBay will love it! Pulse becomes a hugely important social media analytics tool if Facebook lives up to today's promises.

Okay! Some stats!

Facebook has 80 applications that have over 1,000,000 users.

Since Facebook Ads launched last night over 100,000 'ad pages' have been created. I know they're free but that's incredible! (Have you noticed any 'fan' mentions in your news feed or mini feed yet? I've not).

London is Facebook's biggest city audience (so bigger than New York, LA, Tokyo, etc) and the UK is the third largest geographic is the system. If I can read my scribbles correctly then I wrote down there are 7,000,000 UK users.

Facebook recruits 250,000 new users per day. That means it doubles in size ever 6 months.

50% of Facebook users return to check their profiles every day. With (currently) 50,000,000 users that means there are 25,000,000 people checking out Facebook each day.

Facebook serves 40,000,000 impressions every day.

I was sitting beside *censored* from MySpace (who work's Display department knows well) and the only comment I could get from him was 'interesting'. Darn. Far from the blogging scoop/scandal that I was hoping for!

[This is one of my Engage 07 posts.]


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