My iPod Touch versus a Gphone

My iPod Touch arrived, after many delays (Apple were helpful throughout), in time for the weekend.

I use my BlackBerry for email. I'm not sure what cosmic event would cause that to change. A good article to read at this point would be Mark Hendrickson's iPhone v. BlackBerry at Techcrunch.

It comes down to my choice of phone - I have my email covered and I will use an ipod for music. What do I want from my phone then; camera and (as quick as possible) internet access.

The iPhone is weak on those; a crappy 2MP camera, no wifi and no 3G (which is important to me given how often I travel around within Europe). I'd rather not have the iPhone - I'd rather upgrade my iPod now, getting a iPod Touch, and then get myself something suitable for Gphone later.

There will be some overlap with the Gphone software though. Which will I use to IM? The Gphone set up will have Google Talk and its certainly possible to text away in Skype on the iPod Touch.

As much as I already love surfing the web on the iPod Touch - I strongly suspect I'll not be using it as a chatting device. That works with me. That means that the Gphone will be my voice and instant communicator and the BlackBerry will still be used for emails.


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