Has an Iron Mountainview become more attractive to Google?

Just a quickie. Back in July I brain stormed the idea that Google might look at buying Iron Mountain.

This was my attempt at a left field prediction that no one else has made or would be likely to make... without it being a stupid prediction. At the time I listed a few reasons why, maybe, perhaps, it could happen. I talked about Iron Mountain's new data handling system but mainly this was a way for Google to get into the business of organising a whole lot (a mountain) of offline information.

Iron Mountain has just become the holder of some cracking 'online' information. I think this may make this "left field prediction" a little bit more likely. ICANN has appointed Iron Mountain as the data escrow holder of domain information. What does this mean? This means Iron Mountain looks after the details of who owns what domains. It is the third party who keeps the records should the main parties (such as registars) get into a mess, a fight, or some other distraction.

I know about data escrowing from my programming studies. If Company A hires Company B to develop some software - who holds the rights to functions, libraries, ideas or even the source code used in the software? Make sure that's in the agreement somewhere. It's not uncommon for Company A and Company B to agree an escrow solution for the code.


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