How MadKast grows

I've installed MadKast twice on this blog. I was one of the earlier adopters and quite liked it. I removed the widget because I identified it was causing posts to enter a reload cycle.

I added it again this week and that problem seems to have been sorted. I've noticed, though, that the MadKast icon does not seem to show beside the most recent post title. MadKast provides a way to quickly add the widget to blogger blogs, which I tried, and which broke the blog so I suspect the growing start up is still ironing out bugs.

Perhaps the biggest change was the email I got. I didn't get a welcome email last time. I did today.

Just wanted to drop a quick line to thank you for installing madKast on Andrew R H Girdwood. If you have any questions or comments about its functionality or use, please let me know. Also know that in the next few weeks we will be releasing detailed analytics information to blog publishers, so that you know what your readers are sharing and with whom, as well as what other sites they read.

We tend to find that readers share more if they're told about what madKast is by the blog publisher, so if you are comfortable with telling your readers about madKast it will no doubt lead to more sharing of your content.

Thanks again for installing madKast and please let me know if you have any feedback.



It just takes a little effort but I like getting emails like this. It works for madKast too because if only a small percentage of bloggers take their advice and explain what the icon is - then madKast still gets hundreds of advertorials.


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