Benvenuto bigmouthmedia Italy

Yay! Today Italy became bigmouthmedia Italy. Oh. I don't mean that all of Italy has become bigmouthmedia (hmm, think of the food!) but that Global Media has rebranded as bigmouthmedia in Italy.

I'm super pleased. The Italian market is really interesting - a lot of good ideas, some great companies, a nice stream of new media ideas and some established business practices. Everyone of the bigmouthmedia Italians I've met have really impressed me (boy, can they dance well!).

I hope no one's confused about the bigmouthmedia / Global Media merger. It's just bigmouthmedia now. If you walk into one of our offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Scandinavia or anywhere in mainland Europe then you're walking into a bigmouthmedia office.


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