In the Shadow of Linkbait

SubBait? SubscriberBait? ScriberBait?

Yesterday I published three posts:True. I spent hours over the weekend putting together the Search Engine Land stats. I did so because I was interested and because the effort had some linkbait ROI there...

... however I feel that the most important post I made was When Google Confuses Search with Content. The easy linkbait, I think, got all the attention over the more niche Paid Search post. Perhaps I should buzz Barry Schwartz or Andy Beal and get their opinion on the Content versus Search question? Would that encourage more comments or thoughts on the issue? I did sphinn the post and as of the time of writing this I've had 10 sphinns. I think the truth might be that the Search community pays a lot less attention to PPC/SEM than it does to SEO. Well, that's okay, I can live with that.

I did have good success with the SearchCap Mining post. My MyBlogLog has been a veritable who's'who (including JZawodn) so I should be thankful.

It's early days yet but let's look at my feedburner stats? Do they reflect my (in terms of traffic) best post yet?

Not yet. No.

I'll hold my hands up again and note that there may well be a delayed effect. It might not be until today (the day after) that people subscribe or that feedburner notices the hike - so I'll keep the situation under review.

However, it may well be that we need to break down tactics into linkbait and subbait. Now that could be fun; one tactic to attract eyeballs and another to keep them. Marketing Pilgrim comes to mind as it's the blog that I watch closely that tends to run the most competitions related to encouraging people to sign up. Is that the approach?

What about the term SubBait? Too dodgy? Over at SEO Chicks I laughed (and stumbled) Lisa Ditlefsen's Master Baiter t-shirt. Would a SubBait tactic require a Sub Master Baiter t-shirt?


Anonymous said…
ha ha, Sub Master Baiter....

Looking forward to meet you tomorrow Andrew, think we are on the same panel actually =)
Andrew Girdwood said…
It'll be good to see you! To be honest, I approved your comment by blackberry and I thought I'd cocked up and rejected you! Arhg. That would have been bad. I think I owe you a thousand apologies - so I'll be the one in your session who keeps on apologizing to you!

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