Hallo bigmouthmedia Germany

I'm really buzzed about this. The talented people in our Munich and Hamburg offices get to be bigmouths!

Today Global Media announced the Germany would re-brand as bigmouthmedia. We even have a shiny new bigmouthmedia.de site. I mention that because the old globalmedia-webmarketing.de site has an impressive PageRank - 8/10. We'll wrestle with getting 301 redirects on those .html pages and see what we can do about scooping that up and moving it over.

I'm bias, of course, but I don't think there's anyone in Germany who come close to touching the hems of our teams. They're that good.

If that wasn't good enough I'm off to OMD in Dusseldorf (no ad:tech London for me) and then on to Munich this week.

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