Everyclick hires agencies

Everyclick is a UK based search engine that shares its money with charities. The deal is simple; when people click on the (Ask powered) sponsored links alongside the organic listings, Everyclick gives a portion of that revenue to charities.

They've given £250,000 already to charities and are the UK's eighth largest search engine. I've had noodles with Polly Gowers, Everyclick's CEO and founder, and she's a great laugh - which counts for a lot in my book!


Everyclick have appointed Edelman and Geronimo to make more people aware of Everyclick. This can only be a good thing? They're going to target print and web.

I have to wonder (and hope) that Everyclick run a "feel good" campaign. I think that will contrast sharply against Ask's more gloomy and spooky campaign. I think Everyclick will be more successful.
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