The Newspaper Licensing Agency partners with the French

If you work in a PR agency, Social Media agency, buzz monitoring agency, etc, then you’ll probably have heard of the NLA.

The NLA are the people you pay when you let clients know they’ve been mentioned in a UK newspaper or website. This ruling has helped the NLA earn about £20m for their newspaper clients. The NLA is actually owned by a group of eight national newspapers.

If you’ve not encountered the NLA before and are surprised that you need to pay them a license fee for buzz monitoring and newpaper alerts then keep in mind the PR industry already tried to challenge them in the UK courts of law – and lost.

Today’s news has the NLA team up with Centre Français d'exploitation du droit de Copie (CFC). That’s the French version of the NLA. The partnership is around technology and the NLA’s eClips monitoring service. It means there will be a standard across UK NLA supporting papers and French CFC supporting papers in terms of clippings.

I’m not clear on whether this means buzz monitoring and social media services providing a clippings or alert service for French papers now also need an NLA license. I dare say we’ll find out soon.

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