Badly timed Wordpress 3.5 iframe schedule bug

This Christmas I set up a number of blog posts ahead of time to be published throughout the festive season. I made use of Wordpress's trusty schedule post feature backed up by the WP Missed Schedule plugin. This is my only blogger blog.

My strategy was to target people who were fed up of Christmas TV or perhaps even not able to get access to their TV sets in the first place. I had a line up of videos to share; long trailers, to short and free movies. It might have been a good one.

However, in a badly timed bug for Wordpress 3.5; scheduled posts are dropping iframe cals. It's been set to priority: high and severity major.

In summary, if you use an iframe to share something like a Vimeo vid, and schedule that post to go live in the future (even if it's just a few minutes later), Wordpress drops the iframe. I hear reports that the same is true for embed code too. Your post will go live without the video.

However, if you're sharing video by Wordpress's shortcode method that allows you just to reference a YouTube URL then your video will still appear.

If you've scheduled either your own posts or even client posts to appear over the holidays and had thought you'd be sharing videos - you'd best check again.

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