Can the iPhone overcome the picture plateau?

Flickr keeps tracks on the cameras used to take the pictures hosted on its site. It's a great way to see what the popular tech is in any given month.

It comes as no surprise to see that Apple has done really well. The standout success story is the iPhone 3G which has had about 120 times more uploads the iPhone 4. That's 28,176,526 compared to 240, 429 at the time of posting.

Compare that to HTC - one of the leaders in the Android market. The Dream/G1 is the leader with 486,383 uploads and in fact all of the top 6 easily beat the iPhone 4. The HTC Desire has 349, 543 uploads.

The Evo 4G beats the iPhone 4 for uploads. Is that a surprise?

The usage graphs also show an interesting picture. The amount of uploads from the iPhone 3G are dropping - not surprising given the age of the phone and the iPhone 4 is increasing.

The shape of the growth doesn't match the spiky growth of the HTC devices.

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