Intel viral (VCV): The Chimes of Doom. The Bass Jump.

Here's an example of viral seeding. Intel's Romanian team drop themselves from cranes (they quit hanging around) to land on air bags which blow through horns. In theory they sound out in the famous "Intel inside" chime.

It's great that this has come from Romania. It's Intel's EMEA team who have been cool enough to do this. You can tell the video has a worldwide target audience and not just a USA one. They also have the extended version clearly labeled as something out of Romania to rival Finland. It really shows the global scope of Intel.

I've worked out it's called Bass Jump because of this page.

The Facebook page is also a good idea. There will be people who watch the VCV and think "hey; that looks like fun." It's a way to harvest the buzz and store it in an Intel asset.

Here's the long(er) play asset.

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